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We Need to Stop Bickering About Climate Change

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We need to take care of our Mother Earth. The squabbling about who’s at fault for global climate change needs to stop because honestly, it no longer matters.  Actually, it never mattered.

Whether we’re contributing or not, we know we can help slow it down and in some ways, reverse it.

All this bickering? It’s getting old. We sound like quarreling siblings just picking fights for the hell of it.  This is Mother Earth we’re talking about!

What would your mother say if she heard you bickering with your siblings?  Maybe something like, “I don’t care whose fault is but you better have this cleaned up before your father gets home.”  And then you would slump to your room and learn that placing blame only gets you into trouble.

Same goes for our Mother Earth.  We need to take care of our Mother Earth, damn it.  We’re acting like children.  She’s sending us signals that she is suffering and we’re arguing with our siblings about who’s at fault.

Stop it.

It doesn’t matter who’s to blame.  Who cares if it’s humans, polar bears, cows (all that methane) or the suspicious looking neighbor who lives down the street from your sweet grandmother.  The blame game needs to stop.  All of us –  deniers and believers – need to put aside our fears and differences.  It’s time to shit or get off the pot.

Our Mother Earth needs protecting and who better to do it than us – the human race?

Let’s face the facts and do what is best for all of us.  And what’s best is to take care of our home.  This includes humans, polar bears, cows and the suspicious looking neighbor who lives down the streets from your sweet grandmother.  We’ll suffer otherwise.  We already are…

The symptoms of global climate change are clear:

Diseases will spread.  Natural disasters will increase.  Record-breaking temperatures will cause droughts, floods, sea level rise and faster glacier melting.  Sound familiar?

Florida will disappear into the ocean.

Polar bears will go extinct.

The food chain will get all outta whack.

The pH of the ocean will change, which will effect the entire food chain, which will cause enormous problems for our entire ecosystem.

Chaos will ensue.  And we’ll be at the center of it all — and the worse part is, we could be doing something about it!

Here’s the truth: Mother Earth was taking excellent care of us.  She has always provided us with food, resources to build shelter and get this, oxygen.   And then we got in the way and did some damage.  Yes.  We did damage.

We started building and coal mining and shipping and depleting and dumping and over-hunting and fishing and poaching and shark-finning.  Our environment is damaged.  The ecosystem is damaged.   The food chain is damaged.

And yes, we played a part in the destruction.  How could we not?  Human consumption is out of control and the animal kingdom is definitely not the cause of carbon emissions, pollution, greenhouse gases…. maybe we can blame cows…but not for everything.  All they do is pass gas!  Hardly criminalizing.

Whether we’re specifically causing climate change or not…  I’m not going to get into that because whose fault it is doesn’t matter anymore.  Take a step back and realize that we are slowly destroying Mother Earth by not taking action.

What if, instead of just thinking of Mother Earth has dirt and sky – we instead viewed her as someone who is taking care of us, nurturing us, providing for us?  What a radical, scientific thought!  What if we thought of Mother Earth as our own mother?  What would you do then?

I’m asking seriously. Think about your own mother.  Think about all she’s done to take care of you and what she does to this day.  She provides, protects and nurtures.

Hmm, sounds a lot like Mother Earth.

What would your mother say to you about your needless quarreling and selfishness over climate change?

“I don’t want to hear it! I’ve had enough of your excuses.  It’s time you learned.”

Or, “Now I know you’re upset, but you knew what you were doing when you placed that glass of juice on the edge of the table, didn’t you?  And now look, the carpet is stained beyond repair. ”

That was a metaphor by the way.

About oil spills.

Hope you got it.

I don’t care if you’re a dentist with a gun, a person who eats shark fin soup, or that lazy person who couldn’t walk two feet to the nearest trash can.  We can do better.  So much better.

We’re better than this.  We’re a caring people.  We take care of each other.  We want to do good in the world.  But we’re not listening.

Just like our mothers seem to do naturally, Mother Nature is strategically and bluntly sending us signals.  Maybe to guilt us (typical).  Is it working?  Some of us are listening, but it’s not enough.  Just like when we were kids, we’re still learning the hard way even though we know mother always knows best.

She’s a strong woman, but she can’t be strong forever.  She’s exhausted and she’s hurting.  If you ask me, with everything she’s been through it’s amazing how well she’s held up.  She’s doing a damn good job at taking care of us…but it’s obvious that she’s hurting, right?  If that’s not obvious to you, then do us all a favor and pull your head out of your ass.  The signs could not be more clear.

We’re beginning to really suffer because she can’t do this by herself anymore.   Diseases.  Extreme droughts.  More frequent and stronger natural disasters.  Increased allergies and asthma.  Swiftly melting ice glaciers.  Rising sea levels.

It doesn’t matter what’s causing these things to happen, the fact is they are happening and they are happening faster than scientists predicted.  We know we can help, whether we caused them or not.

Greed.  Selfishness. Pride.  Blame.  It’s all getting in the way.  Didn’t your mother teach you to be selfless?  Kind?  Compassionate?  Forgiving?  Thoughtful?  Concerned?  What happened to all of those amazing qualities your mother worked so hard to instill in you?

We’re talking about Mother Earth for crying out loud!  We have a whole day dedicated to celebrating her.  And I’m not talking about Mother’s Day – although that’s an interesting idea… I’m getting off track.

Earth Day. It’s Earth Day, okay?

But one day isn’t enough anymore.  We need to realize her importance ever single day because without her we are helpless. Absolutely helpless.

Every little bit of good one sibling does is getting destroyed by the other sibling.  It’s probably the younger one.  The younger one is always the trouble maker.  The older one is leading the way trying to be optimistic – or at the least realistic – but damn it, that younger sibling… They’re so crafty and let’s face it, also a little conniving and cut throat.  And just so there’s no confusion – the “younger sibling” is not Millenials.

If anything, Millenials are leading the way while all the “old folks” can’t seem to stop quarreling about who’s at fault.  The younger sibling is being immature, argumentative and always getting in the way – sometimes for the fun of it.  In this case, they are also extremely lazy.  How much effort does it take to place items in the recycling bin, save water, carpool or sign off on a bill that could Heaven-forbid make a positive impact on society and actually create more jobs AND combat climate change?  Sounds pretty obvious.  So why are we bickering again?

We need to take this heated passion and point it towards the good of human kind.  Channel the passion for good, dag nabbit.

We’re brilliant. Ingenious. Creative. We are risk-takers.  But if we don’t take action we’ll be taking the biggest risk of all: losing our home.

If we put our minds together we can begin to help Mother Nature back to her feet.  She won’t be the same woman she once was – probably ever.  The damage we’ve allowed to happen is gnarly and has gone on for far too long.  And in some instances, it’s irreversible.

It’s time to be preventative and proactive, not just reactive.   We can help repair and in some ways even stop this vicious cycle.   We can help her get her strength back, but it won’t happen over night because the damage is too great.

How many more signs does Mother Earth need to send before we wake up and realize we’re letting her slip away?  If we don’t act now –  if we don’t take seriously what’s happening around us; if we don’t take action as a unified group; if we don’t acknowledge that our pride and stubbornness is getting in the way – again –  we will destroy everything around us.  Including us.

It won’t be pretty.  It won’t be swift and painless.  It won’t be peaceful.  We will all suffer from our own doing… or rather our own undoing.

Stop bickering about whose fault it is.  We’re past that point.  Stop bringing it up. Geez. Argumentative much?  Get over it.

If we don’t put our differences in thinking aside,  we’ll be left sitting alone, our head in our hands, muttering to ourselves:

“Damn it, she was right again.

How did she know?

And why didn’t I listen to her?”


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