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The $600 Pizza

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This pizza is so glorious we spent $600 to fly ourselves to Masa of Echo Park. Yes. You read that right. We. Flew. Ourselves. There.

We even sacrificed oxygen at one point as we were flying high above the hills. Naturally, we were starving and a little light-headed when we finally arrived. I will say that flying over those hills was almost so nerve-racking I nearly lost my appetite. But I would do it again, in the name of this pizza.

Ever since my boyfriend stumbled across it while mapping parts of Los Angeles, he’s wanted to take me here.  He discovered it.  Fell in love.  And so we traveled from the Bay Area down to LA  to have pizza.  (Oh the perks of dating a pilot – he needed night hours and I was game).

It was worth every single bite.  And every single hour spent in the small plane.   And every single dollar to rent the plane.  This should tell you just how amazing this pizza truly is.

Yes. It’s really Chicago pizza.  In L.A.  I know it to be so because the owner was born and raised in Chicago! His name is Rob and he proclaims it – see for yourself – and clearly has a love affair with cornmeal crust deep dish pizza.  He and I have at least one thing in common.

Masa of Echo Park will have you proclaiming your love for cornmeal crust, too.  But before I go on, you need to know one thing: you must be prepared to take home leftovers.  You. Will. Not. Be. Able. To. Stomach. The. Whole. Pizza. As much as you may want to, it simply won’t be allowed on account of your body rejecting it, even though your heart and your mind will want it.

We just about died and floated up to heaven on a cornmeal crust cloud. This pizza is so deliciously satisfying.  Packed with sausage, mouth-watering red sauce, baked cheese…and the signature crusty, cornmeal crust.

And the salad!  Whew.  It was simply delectable and perfectly balanced, stacked (compressed is the proper word, apparently) and just the right amount, because heaven knows we were going to have WAY too much food by the end of the night.

salad at Masa Echo

This beautiful, meaty, rounded, golden brunette bread brought on pure nostalgia.   It was glorious.  Sweet and buttery.  Perfectly baked.  It reminded me of something from my childhood that I couldn’t place until I visited the place it reminded me of over a year later. Did you catch that?  This bread was on my mind a year later.  And will be.  Forever.

I like a good knife in my bread.

Combine this all together with the ambiance of the place: an indoor patio with a brick pizza oven and bar, patio furniture for tables and chairs, freshly cut flowers, and candles at the tables with little lights hanging from the ceiling – all to make it feel like you’re sitting outside on the most wonderfully perfect pizza porch every imagined. And who doesn’t want a Perfect Pizza Porch?

My photos are so dark because it was so romantic inside


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