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Stack ’em high at Stacks

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Stack ’em high is what I say…about pancakes, anyway. And shoes. And sandwiches.

Back to the flap jacks.

Stacks, being a wildly popular place in Campbell, California, you must be prepared to wait to be seated. Especially if you’re here the same days as the Farmer’s Market. Honestly, just go somewhere else.

Kidding. You can wait.

It’s true, I’ve only been to the Campbell location, which is awesome enough for me to write a post about them and only them (not vouching for other locations, but I’m sure they’re up to par). Maybe one day I’ll visit Redwood City…

Their front doors are also stacked…er packed, with people. Granted, I’ve only been on Sundays (so my experience appears to be limited to one day of the week) but whether there’s a line or not,  you have downtown Campbell to stroll about. And you’ll want to, because Stacks is worth the wait.

Their founder Geoffrey says it best: their dishes are simple American classics…but they also have a touch of class (I added that last part). It’s not greasy, diner food (not that I’m knocking that…but sometimes one wants a diner atmosphere without grease spilling about. Right? Right).

oatmeal and bagelMarianna Moles | The Meandering Mole

Fresh bagel and hot oatmeal anyone?

Stacks food is fresh and homemade with a dose of healthy. They did keep one American stereotype (too harsh?): the portions are huge. Pretty much everything comes with a tasty bagel. Their menu is a mile long. The servers are friendly. The atmosphere is homey. As always, having outside seating in a downtown location adds just a bit of liveliness to the comfort food experience.

bagel and omeletteMarianna Moles | The Meandering Mole

The photos speak for themselves – you’ll leave satisfied, but at the same time yearning to return soon without needing to adjust your belt buckle. Or your money belt.


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Get your name in at least 30 minutes before your stomach starts to growl. In other words, you need to plan ahead for this one.
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