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Kayaking on Silver Lake at Carson Pass

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Summer time is an excellent time to branch out and dip your toes into uncharted waters and venture out to try new activities.  The summer of 2009 I literally dipped my toes into Silver Lake, a simply beautiful, tranquil place at Carson Pass. I kayaked for the first time and it was glorious and invigorating.  This place, except for a passing car every now and then, is far away from all industrialization.  BUT, that’s not the best part about Silver Lake.  Make sure to wear plenty of sunscreen, otherwise your would-be amazing tan will be a burn.

me kayakingMarianna Moles | The Meandering Mole

Me, kayaking for the first time.

Since this was my first time kayaking, I was a little nervous. I have a fear of drowning, but more specifically I have a fear of drowning while having upside down in a kayak that has flipped over. Thankfully, my anxiety was eased when I learned we would be floating in open kayaks, rather than closed kayaks. I took to it like a fish takes to water. There was a little bit of a learning curve to a hang of paddling. The plus is, my arms got a great work out!

Monarch butterflies will practically land on your hand if you sit still enough.  This lake is super neat because it’s surrounded by several little islands where you can park your kayak, boat (what have you) and get out, walk around, enjoy the view, discover hidden waterfalls and sunbathe.

monarch butterflyMarianna Moles | The Meandering Mole

A monarch butterfly landed on my kayak.

If you’re lucky, families of geese will follow you around begging for food.  Now, I know this sounds like a negative, but it’s really a positive because families of geese are just so gosh darn cute.  They can’t get into your kayak when you’re floating on the water.  If  anything, we were amused as they followed us around.  While out on the lake, my friend and I were stalked by a family of five and it was one of the highlights of the trip.

family of geeseMarianna Moles | The Meandering Mole

Geese of a feather flock together.

Eat lunch on an island.  Yes, that’s what I said.  It’s not like the tropics or anything, but it’s still B-A-Utiful up there on the rocks.  Speaking of the rocks, they are fine like sandstone (in fact, they may just be sandstone). They absorb the heat and feel so nice.

view of the lakeMarianna Moles | The Meandering Mole

Taking a lunch break.

The water is calm, with just a bit of a wave.  This makes for a perfect first kayaking experience.  The surrounding trees and fellow kayakers add to the scenery.

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