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If you happen to live nearby fraternity/sorority row which is in close proximity to San Jose State University in downtown San Jose (whoda thunk it?),  take a Sunday morning stroll through the Victorian neighborhoods to the corner of 11th and San Carlos Street.

There you will find House of Bagels, a bustling brick building not much larger than a small bedroom and almost always with a line out the door. At least this has been my experience on Sunday mornings.  The coffee is good (so I’ve heard — I don’t drink coffee, it makes me nuts) and the baked sweets look delectable (I’ve tried one and it was amazing) but the bagels! That’s what we’re here for, right?

House of BagelsMarianna Moles | The Meandering Mole

It looks like a tiny house! (bet the rent is cheaper)

Twelve cream cheese flavors. Ten sandwich choices. At least 13 different bagel flavors (probably more, but who’s counting?). It’s not just the choices that make this place worthwhile, it’s the bagel itself! I’m a bread person, through and through and this place makes a damn good bagel.

It’s meaty, soft and complementary to breakfast after a Sunday stroll. I personally like the lox closed face. Sit outside on the “porch,” people watch and take in the city sounds…

The people watching and eavesdropping really are the best parts about this place. Kidding. But they are a perk. You’re in such close proximity to other people…one can’t help but overhear things. Makes for a relaxing and amusing morning. If you must, have your own conversation…although the sounds of the bustling city may put you in the mood to relax and not utter a word.

Me silent? Somehow this place brings it out of me, or rather doesn’t it bring it out of me…?


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