Fulfill your burrito needs with a Burritozilla

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It’s inevitable that when you live in downtown San Jose, California you will come across an awesome burrito place your first week of college.  Especially when that particular burrito place hosts an annual free burrito day for all the college students.  Iguana’s, Home of the Burritozilla is that place.

Located only one block from San Jose State University and half a block from another infamous San Jose burrito place (La Victoria’s), Iguana’s is a favorite in downtown for finger-licking nachos, taco salads and BIG burritos.  No, I mean huge.  Measuring at 18 inches and 5 lbs, introducing the Burritozilla.

It could be the answer to all of your problems.

In Iguana’s words the Burritozilla is “a 5 pound, eighteen inch diabolical hunger killer!”  They also have Regular Burritos (beans, rice, meat and salsa) and Super Burritos (add guacamole, sour cream and cheese) — all delicious. Their taco salad ain’t half bad either.

But hear me out on this Burritozilla – it could solve all kinds of problems you may be having…

Hosting a party and afraid you’re gonna run out of food?  Get a Burritozilla.

Afraid to face the hungry, snarling toothed dogs on your walk home?  Throw it a Burritozilla.

Is your PMSing, hunger crazed girlfriend about to scratch your eyes out because she has eaten everything in sight and is STILL hungry? Hand her Burritozilla.

Want to help end world hunger?  Serve up a Burritozilla. It will fill the tummies of many people.

Have a bet with your friends that you can devour five pounds of burrito all by your onsie?  You guessed it! Grab a Burritozilla.

But yeah, you’ll probably lose that bet.

Like many downtown San Jose restaurants, Iguana’s inhabited a Victorian home to call its own and painted it in its signature bright green and purple colors.

Get your order super or regular.  Both are awesome – one’s just slightly larger and sloppier than the other (sloppy is good thing).

If you’re a SJSU student, stay on the look out at the beginning of the school year for their free burrito day.  Just remember your college ID and your burrito will be free.  And don’t try to pay for one.  They will give you nasty, nasty looks.  I know from experience.

They’re serious about their free burrito day.  They also have a free t-shirt day.  They’re just all about the love at this place.

Don’t forget their signature orange sauce.  It’s a little sweeter than others I’ve had.  It also tears up my stomach something horrible – but most people don’t have a problem. I just have issues, I guess, being lactose intolerant and all.

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