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Farm to Table Pie

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Eat pie, not cake. Their mug told me to and so I did.  Petaluma Pie Company will sweetly sway you into buying their pies, which are self-described as “farm to table.” The company purchases their foods from local farms in the area. They even have a list of the farms on their menu.

Already winning in the pie sector.

We stumbled across this cute shop while making a pit stop on our way to Gualala – a beautiful, quiet and small beach town located right off the coast, about a 1.5 hours north of Petaluma. That’s as specific as I can get.

We take this trip annually and since we didn’t have time on the way to our beach paradise (for those of us who enjoy nature and starry skies anyway), we made time to get some pie on the way back, four days later.

One of the founders, Angelo, got the idea for the pie place while living in New York.  He thought to himself, “Wouldn’t it be great to have a restaurant where everything was pie?”  How can you not like a man who thinks this way?  That thinking alone makes me want to drive over there right this instant for pie…but I doubt they’re open at 1 am…

It may be a small shop nestled in the shadows of a Starbucks in downtown Petaluma, on the main street, but once you find it you’ll be delighted.  (Even more delighted if you like adult toy stores, because there’s a pretty classy one next to it. Or not. To each his/her own!)

As we all know, you have to look past the Starbucks to get to the local places.  Don’t get me wrong – I like Starbucks, but mainly because their CEO is pretty awesome all around.

Seriously though, every street corner seems a bit much… Just sayin’.

This more than your average pie.  We chose one of the Seasonals: Classic Apple Pie.  We selected the Mini.  They also have Nano (they’re tech-savvy here) and various other sizes, including the full size you’d expect.  The pie was cute, delicious and just the right size for two people who have been stuffing their faces with food for four days straight.

If you’re really craving pie, the Mini is also the perfect single portion.  Try Cold Sweet Pies (creams) and Savory Pies (hearty vegetable and minced).  Check out their menu – it has expanded since we visited about a year ago.

According to my partner in crime, the coffee wasn’t anything to write home about…but that’s why they’re pie enthusiasts. And who said pie needed coffee anyway?

From my perspective, tea is a better accompaniment any day.

Also, Yoast SEO is alerting me that I used the word “pie” too many times in this post.  What they don’t understand is that there’s no such thing as too much pie. Even 3.14 goes on for like infinity.


Pie or no pie, keep meandering,


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