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Brunch with The Dancing Fox

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Brunch. BRUNCH. BRUNCH! I love brunch. What descent human being doesn’t? No offense to anyone who doesn’t, although the brunch nay-sayers of the world probably aren’t reading this post anyway.

The Dancing Fox. It’s a winery. It’s a bread-baking hot spot. They serve lunch. But most importantly, they serve brunch. They serve it all up with a dose of fantasy and a dash of whimsy.

The Dancing Fox in Lodi California

As I walked in, I felt like I was stepping into a friend’s dining room, at the center of a cottage nestled deep in the forest, surrounded by woodland creatures playing musical instruments as fair maidens stroke harps and dance with satyrs and fairies. I kept waiting for Snow White or Miss Riding Hood to stop in at any moment to buy  muffins.  And if Miss Riding Hood did stop in I would approach her and worn her not to go back home immediately. Or at least, take a butcher knife with her.

Anyway, enough about murdering wolves dressed in drag.

Just take a look at the paintings hanging on the walls and it will be obvious that this place is whimsical.  Their mascot is a dancing fox playing the violin…or the fiddle… who even cares at this point?  The fact of the matter is, my dream to be having brunch in a fox’s cottage has finally come true.

Now for brunch. Benedict. Bacon. Oh, baby.

Eggs Benedict with Ham and artery clogging magnificence

It took all my will power to not stuff my face, and midway through my will power ran out…whoops. The brunch is a little overwhelming when you realize you can have it all. Rest assured, I am living proof this feeling so too shall pass.  It was the Egg’s Benedict that did me in.

Add an omelet or not. And if you’re like me and don’t want to spend time eating an omelet that’s such a cliché, then don’t. I won’t judge you and neither will the talented man making them served to order.

Also the cake.

Cakes galore. Because who doesn’t want cake for breakfast. You can have it all here!

The cobbler – now this I specifically saved room for – look at the apples, oats and berries…and the cinnamon. I could have eaten this for breakfast, had a bit of bacon on the side and called it a day.

Is your cobbler doppler radar going off yet?

If you’re craving something else but don’t want to find yourself unbuckling your belt, order from the menu. There’s no law stating you must eat from the buffet…unless of course it’s Sunday. They might have a rule. An awesome rule!


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