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All-in-One Portuguese Bakery, Restaurant and Market

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All in one. That’s what we like – especially when it’s quality. This place has it all.  Bacalhau Grill and Trade Rite Market (named after a typical and delicious Portuguese cod fish casserole dish pictured above) provides hearty and delicious, authentic Portuguese cuisine, located in San Jose’s Little Portugal.

Encantador!  Delicioso!  The sweets – Encantador! Delicioso!  Even my companion from Costa Rica could barely keep from stuffing his face… and I always do, so no surprise there.

In my experience any place in a “Little” location is darn good and most likely authentic,  just like this place.  They’ve been serving up mouth-watering dishes for over 60 years!

Founded in 1945 by Mr. Johnny Rosa, this restaurant was originally a trade rite market that made products available to locals and immigrants from Portugal, Latin America and Mexico.  He wanted to provide something from their homeland so that they could feel at home here, in San Jose.  What a sweet guy!

Staying true to its roots, this place still hosts a grocery market.  A fish market.  A bakery. Portuguese cookware, flags…the whole sha-bang.  So if you don’t think you’ll be making it to the actual country any time soon, go here for a teaser.

Tastes like home cooking, and I should know.

potatoes and meatMarianna Moles | The Meandering Mole

Potatoes and meat are always a treat. Rhyme for the win.

I grew up eating Portuguese food made by people who are 100% Portuguese who immigrated from there.  You get me?  They were born there.  Then they came here.   Plus, my friends who visited from Portugal gave this place a high-five. ‘Nuff said.  And I’ve visited Portugal.  This is the real deal.

Try the alcatra – my favorite Portuguese dish (it’s like your mother’s roast beef only 10x better).  With potatoes…..oh, my mouth is watering just thinking about their golden little bodies, just dripping with juices…too graphic?

Alcatra. My favorite. Marianna Moles | The Meandering Mole

Alcatra. My favorite.

I also visit here often to get kick-ass sweet bread and a jar of the perfect beer accompaniment, tremoços.

Place your order and stop in quickly at the market, pay and say obrigada (if you’re a lady) or obrigado (if you’re a gentleman).  It’s how you say thank you in Portuguese.


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Trip tip

Each time I’ve been here there are different dishes featured in the à la carte section. Just choose what you want and they serve it up.  Seat yourself.  Pay at the register.

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