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Eating tiramisu in Florence, Italy

“How was Italy?” “Amazing.” “Did you fall in love?” “Yup. With the food.”

Hey there!  My name is Marianna Moles. My last name is pronounced the way it looks, just like the semi-blind critter that tunnels underground. Don’t try to come with some witty remark. I’ve heard them all. It’s Portuguese, is what I tell most people and then they’re like blown away because apparently Portuguese people are especially rare.

Except they aren’t. They’re everywhere.

Any-who…in case you haven’t already figured it out, my last name also inspired the name for my blog.

But enough about my name. What the heck is this blog about?

I created The Meandering Mole to encourage people to combat their anxiety by facing it head on so then can live their life to the fullest (it’s a cliché phrase, but it works here. I think). I experience anxiety everyday and in turn, I work hard everyday to tunnel through it. It’s a beast that I’ve found is more easily wrangled the better I get to know it, and the better I get to know me.

Whether you experience generalized anxiety, social anxiety or severe panic attacks, or from time to time get sweaty palms when faced with a fearsome situation; have been professionally diagnosed or self-diagnosed, are taking medication or coping naturally; or love someone who has anxiety, I hope you find encouragement here. You are not alone.

Anxiety is always there. Sometimes it’s standing next to me twiddling its thumbs, other times it has me in a straight jacket. That’s just how the Anxiety Beast rolls. The key is to tackle it, rope it, cage it, growl at it – whatever your method. It may come back stronger, but so will you.

Since the days leading up to sixth grade science camp, I’ve experienced many weird and all-too-real symptoms that make me anxiously ask myself, “Am I dying???” Only recently did I begin talking about my anxiety openly because so many people experience anxiety on a daily basis, and we need to help each other.

Every time I choose to tunnel through the anxiety I’m making a conscious decision not to let it rule my kingdom.

I’m the queen, damn it.



Manina Moles

I like to lean on Mother Nature. She’s so strong. Especially when she’s a petrified piece of wood that’s millions of years old. She just seems to get stronger with time.


So, why a mole?

Maybe you’re thinking, what a weird creature to make the mascot of a blog. Well, here’s my take. Moles appear timid, but they aren’t. In fact, moles are tenacious. And so are you.

Moles expertly tunnel their entire life in literal darkness, and since darkness can feel scary there’s no doubt in my mind they experience anxiety from time to time.

They probably have thoughts like:

Did I correctly calculate the coordinates of this tunnel?
Am I about to knock my tender noggin against a boulder?
Does it feel like the walls are closing in?
What if I accidentally dig up another sprinkler head and flood my home?
Will I die if I eat this worm that’s been sitting out in the sun all day?
Will I ever see the light of day again?! 

I bet they give themselves pep talks that go something like, “Geez, just stop making mountains out of mole hills!”

Living with anxiety often feels like living in darkness to me (kinda like a mole!), until I gather up my courage to tunnel to the surface where the light can shine on my beautiful Vitamin D deprived face.

Not literally Vitamin D deprived. I live in California. I mean, c’mon. Get real.

Just like the sensory bumps on the end of a mole’s snout used for tunneling through the darkness and into the light, this little mole goes where the nose knows!



Marianna Moles | The Meandering Mole

I’m often meandering in high heels.


With a flashlight in-hand, I will share my anxiety-riddled experiences about how I pulled through the dark moments and surfaced stronger than ever into the light… probably while wearing high heels (ask anyone, they’re my calling card).

So c’mon little mole. Grab your flashlight and let’s tunnel through it.

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