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me and petrified rockMarianna Moles | The Meandering Mole

I like to lean on mother nature. She’s so strong, even when she’s trillions of years old, like this petrified rock.


Hey there!  My name is Marianna Moles.

My last name is pronounced the way it looks, just like the semi-blind critter that tunnels underground. Don’t bother trying to come with up some witty remark about it. I’ve heard them all, beginning with my fellow fourth graders quoting Austin Powers. I wasn’t allowed to see the movie, but I sure as heck knew the quote.

When people hesitate to pronounce it or say it wrong or give me a quizzical look when they see it (same for my first, for that matter), I tell them it’s Portuguese, and then they’re blown away because apparently Portuguese people are especially rare.

Except they aren’t. They’re everywhere.

Any-whoo…my last name also inspired the name for my blog. Wa-lah!

But enough about my name. What the heck is this blog about?


Fun topic, right? Well, I’m making it fun. Hopefully.

We all have it. We know it when we feel it, and when we witness it. But we don’t always know how to deal with it. Or want to deal with it. Or like dealing with it. Or know what to do when it hits. Or why it hits.

Sometimes it just hits. Out of nowhere! For no rational reason. What kind of game is that? It’s stressful, that’s what.

So, instead of wallowing (which I do from time to time…or a lot), I use humor. I laugh at myself. By myself. With others. At others (preferably when they’re also laughing). And I have honest talks with myself, and with others, about the ridiculous, absurd, disgruntling, freaky, scary, non-sensical, silly, frivolous, heartbreaking, mind-numbing, ludicrous, enraging, humiliating… thing that just happened.

Every time I choose to tunnel through it, I’m making a conscious decision not to let it rule my kingdom.

I’m the queen, damn it.

Humor and honesty. They’re what keep my world turning round, even if it’s a little wobbly, oblong shaped and semi-off kilter.

Sometimes more off-kilter depending on the shoes I’m wearing. Of which I have many. They get me going…meandering here and there and everywhere, until I get through it.

blue jean shoesMarianna Moles | The Meandering Mole

I call these my blue jean shoes.

The key is to keep tunneling through the darkness and into the light. Just like a little mole (and if anyone knows how to tunnel, it’s a mole).

At least, this is what I’ve found to be true.

Keep tunneling.


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