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Best.  Cobbler.  I  have a love affair (albeit on the verge of obsession) with shoes.  I adore them and want to have the same pairs for years to come. And since my foot size hasn’t changed since like elementary school, I do have shoes from years and years ago. My hiking boots for example. I’ve had them since 6th grad Science Camp.

hiking bootsMarianna Moles | The Meandering Mole

I also want to have fun buying more shoes for the sole (nice pun) purpose of the shopping experience – not because I need to replace the ones I had to part with.  Sad, sad.  Nobody wants that.

Believe it or not I once had a cobbler tell me not only could he NOT fix the shoes I brought in, he said it wouldn’t be worth it because they’re cheap shoes.  Well! I got outta there in a jiffy and immediately went in search of another place that respected my “cheap” choices.

I found this family owned, nice shoe-leather-smelling, hole-in-the-wall cobbler.  They truly take care of your shoes and have them back to you within a few days for a fair price.

Whether you love shoes and have an emotional connection to all the memories they hold, or you’re a logical person who doesn’t like to shop and prefers to pay a fair dollar amount to repair your comfortable, broken-in shoes, go to The Master Cobbler.

Master CobblerMarianna Moles | The Meandering Mole

I over love my shoes.

As seen in the photo above, my shoes take a beating.  I literally walk them to death.

Until this cobbler.  They practically looked new when I picked them up.  They revived them in no time – not only fixing the heels, but polishing up the entire shoe for the small price of only $12-15 a pair. I practically tap-danced out of the shop, thanking them profusely for reviving the loves-of-my-life…

high heel shoesMarianna Moles | The Meandering Mole

Wow. They’re like new!

Trip tip

Be careful when you go in search of this place – it’s easy to pass by on Winchester Boulevard.  It has a two-car lot in the front and more parking in the back.  I adore it. Speaking of, I have more shoes that need some love and attention…


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